Plan B believes that connectivity with the public—animal welfare advocates and animal organizations fighting for a similar cause—would be the perfect opportunity to unite individuals together with a common goal: to bring justice to wolves, wolf dogs, and exotic wildlife.

Originating in 2017, Plan B developed an online platform, I AM WOLF NATION®, where individuals and organizations lend their voice to help save wolves, wolf dogs, and all wildlife. I AM WOLF NATION®, and its network of advocates have helped bring action alerts to fruition by providing the public with the opportunity to be a voice for wolves and wildlife through petitions sent to politicians and decision-makers, educational information to share through their platforms, and much more.

If an opportunity to protect wolves exists, I AM WOLF NATION® actively educates the public on how and when to get involved, which results in more voices heard, and more opportunities to get the messaging across to the appropriate individuals involved in the decision-making process for animal welfare and conservation.

Wolves and Wolf Dogs in the Exotic Pet Industry

Plan B recognizes there is a critical issue surrounding captive-born wolf dog breeding and ownership. We believe education is essential and strive to share information with the public to help prevent animal abuse and neglect through our messaging and social media channels. According to the Humane Society of the United States, the sale and ownership of exotic animals is a multi-billion dollar industry across the U.S. Within the last decade; the totals have reached over $31 billion per year.

It is estimated that there are between 250,000 - 500,000 captive-born wolves and wolf dogs living in captivity in the U.S. On average, nine out of ten pups die from neglect, abuse, euthanasia, escaping their living conditions, and owner ignorance to address their unique needs. The one pup out of the ten that survives typically ends up without a home.

Many individuals do not understand the complexities of wolf and wolf dog ownership. Requiring special knowledge on their environmental/habitat needs, working with their unique personality traits, and understanding the state and county's law on owning such an animal is essential to providing a healthy and safe future for the wolf/wolf dog's wellbeing.

You can learn more about the challenges of wolf dog ownership here.*

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