Gift of Stock

Give a Gift of Stock to benefit Plan B To Save Wolves

Any publicly traded stock that has appreciated can be donated directly to Plan B To Save Wolves. In doing so, you can avoid paying capital gains and you may even be eligible for an income tax deduction of the fair market value. It’s safe, easy and there is no cost to donate stock. 

Your gift of stock will go directly to helping wolves and wolf-dogs in need.


You avoid capital gains tax: 15-30% you’d pay if you sold the stock

You get a bigger deduction by making a pre-tax contribution.

We get to keep the money you would have paid the IRS

Check out this article from Forbes Magazine for details, or contact your financial advisor.  (Link for article is

Ready to make your gift of stock? We've put all the information you need into one handy form you can download


Questions? Email for more information. 

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