Lucky Medical $385

Meet Lucky, one of the newest pack members at Wanagi Wolf Rescue. Just shy of turning two, the young wolf dog was scheduled for emergency surgery to assist with the removal of his testicles. Wanagi Rescue determined that Lucky experienced severe trauma in his earlier years as a pup, preventing his testicles from descending.

Plan B to Save Wolves was engaged, and through our Emergency Response Fund, we assisted in raising $385 in funds for Lucky'sLucky's life-saving surgery. Thanks to the team's urgency at Plan B, Lucky is now happily recovering in his forever home surrounded by loving caretakers and his sister Marisol. Finally, Lucky is free and clear of testicular cancer and can continue his constant games of chase and running zoomies!

Did we mention this handsome wolf dog only has three legs and one ear? You'dYou'd never know Lucky was missing a thing given his strong spirit and drive to enjoy life to the fullest! No obstacle can stand in his way. He's a true survivor!


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