$25000 Eagle Tail Mountain Sanctuary

Operation Cupid's Arrow at Eagle Tail Mountain Sanctuary

As part of Plan B's ongoing commitment to providing high-quality care for the HDW wolf dogs rescued in 2018, Plan B hosted a veterinary MASH unit at Eagle Tail Mountain Sanctuary to provide veterinary care for some of the wolf dogs there. 

Despite ongoing socialization work, a mobile vet was their only option for non-routine veterinary care. Because veterinary care for these dogs is so challenging, it was imperative to take the opportunity to get as much information on each animal as possible. 

It was an epic undertaking beginning on Valentine's Day, 2021. The three-day event included two surgeons, vet techs, handlers, mobile animal surgical hospitals, anesthesia stations, surgery suites, and generators.  Dr. Richards and her highly qualified wildlife team veterinarians pulled off a miracle. Twenty-one deserving wolf dogs received spay and neuter services, dental work, vaccinations, microchips, nail trims, post-surgery antibiotics, grooming, and pain meds. They also received deworming, complete blood chemistry workups, testing to rule out congestive heart failure, and comprehensive nose-to-tail exams, including x-rays to rule out any internal organ issues. It was costly, with the final bill being over $25,000, but it was a one-time opportunity to provide the kind of vet care we had only dreamed of and to do it in a way that maximized safety and minimized stress to the animals. Their well-being is our responsibility, and because of the Plan B Emergency Fund, we are keeping our promises to these beautiful creatures.

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