Kansas Rescue $13600

Plan B was notified of a dire situation in Kansas where 16 wolf dogs needed urgent assistance due to the breeders’ negligence and exposure to dangerous living conditions. Residing in raw sewage for over two years and a home covered in trash and feces, it was evident the wolf dogs needed urgent medical attention and a new location to thrive in that was safe and clean. Fortunately, with the help of the wolf dog advocacy group Guardians of the Wolves, local law enforcement worked proactively to rehome all of the animals to a safe off-site location.

Plan B stepped up to fund a rescue of 14 wolf dogs and two wolf dog puppies. Unfortunately, Plan B was unable to fundraise before the rescue due to the confidentiality of the seizure order. Thankfully, all wolf dogs were seized and transported to a beautiful sanctuary with grass and trees versus the raw sewage they lived in previously. In addition, Plan B funded the building of the enclosures at the new sanctuary, transport, medical needs, including spay and neuter.

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