Ona $620

Ona (formerly Meeka)

Meeka was found walking, dazed and confused, alongside a roadway in Phoenix. She couldn't sit up without shaking back and forth, she couldn't see anything as both eyes were covered in a white film, she had 2 inches of matted fur covering her body, and she was dragging her back left leg. She wouldn't eat anything and was very timid. The Plan B Emergency Response Fund stepped in to help get her to a qualified veterinarian, where it was confirmed she had neurological issues and blindness due to valley fever.

Exhausted, frightened, and dehydrated but finally safe in a foster home, Meeka slept for two straight days. She gained a lot of confidence in her foster home and eventually found a forever home where her family renamed her Ona, lovers her very much, and has continued her treatment. Her eyesight has already started to return.

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