Strider $800

At only 12 weeks old, Strider had already been through more than any puppy should when the Plan B Emergency Response Team first became aware of him and his situation. First, Strider was sold to a very young man who lived in an apartment in an illegal area in Texas by a breeder who only cared about making money.  Additionally, Strider suffered a traumatic head wound (believed to be human-inflicted), skin issues, and more. Unfortunately, Strider needed critical veterinary care to save his young life, and it was apparent he was not going to receive that care.

In partnership with Predator Healing Project, Plan B removed Strider from the dire situation and transported him to California. With Predator Healing Project, he received ongoing medical care. They helped him recover from his physical trauma, later transferring him to Apex Protection Project to live and learn from their well-balanced and nurturing pack. 

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