Kyra + Lycan $2850

Kyra and Lycan were in serious trouble. Lycan, a sweet and social wolf dog, escaped from his yard one day and went exploring. A distressed neighbor encountered Lycan and called the police. Unfortunately, Wolf dogs are not legal in the city where they lived. 

The owner, who recently moved within the city, was unaware of the long-standing ban on wolf dogs. The police chief gave a deadline of July 2nd for the owner to get the bonded pair out of town, or they would be euthanized.

One of our partner sanctuaries wanted to take Lycan and Kyra. Still, they had no empty enclosures at the time, so Plan B's Emergency Response Fund stepped in, covering the $ 2,850 cost for materials for safe temporary enclosures.

But Lycan and Kyra still needed help. They both required socialization, updated vaccinations, a spay for Kyra, neuter for Lycan, and heartworm tests. Plan B's Emergency Response Fund funded all of their medical needs while the sanctuary worked on their socialization skills.

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