Asha $2300

In April of 2021, our friends at Guardians of the Wolves alerted us to a wolf-dog desperately in need of emergency surgery.  Asha and her owners had made multiple emergency trips to their veterinarian, desperately trying to determine the cause of her life-threatening 104-degree fever, lethargy, and apparent abdominal pain. But they had gotten no answers, and she was not getting better. Asha needed more advanced diagnostics than the family could afford.

That's when the Plan B Emergency Response Fund went to work to try and save Asha. Initial x-rays showed a significant blockage in her intestine - a foreign object requiring surgery to be removed. But the vet then declined to do the operation because Asha is a wolf dog.

So Asha's family frantically raced to a MedVet location an hour away only to be turned away because Asha was a wolf-dog again. After a frightening few hours bouncing from veterinarian to veterinarian, with Asha at death's door and the family begging for help from anyone who would listen, they finally found an emergency vet who would do the surgery.

Pre-surgery x-rays paid for by the Plan B Emergency Response Fund confirmed a round mass at the end of Asha's stomach and in her intestines. Still, nothing indicated a complete blockage, and her blood panel and CBC came back completely normal. Nevertheless, the vet postponed surgery, and Asha was hospitalized and put on IV fluids to stabilize her.

That night Asha took a turn for the worse, and there was a genuine concern she might not make it to morning. However, in the morning, things started to look up. The CT scan showed the masses were undigested food that had stagnated, causing severe abdominal pain and a life-threatening infection - a dangerous condition, but treatable - without surgery! A new blood panel confirmed the diagnosis. Asha's veterinary team quickly started heavy-duty IV antibiotics and continuous fluids to flush her intestines. They monitored her carefully for the next 24 hours, and it worked.

Very tired but feeling much better thanks to the Plan B Emergency Response Fund and persistent, caring owners, Asha was discharged and allowed to return home, where she is alive, healthy, and happy today.

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