Chief Medical $700

Chief is a handsome wolf dog sold to a family by a breeder who represented him as a dog with no wolf content.  Uneducated on the difficulties in caring for a wolf-dog, Chief pulled a Houdini and escaped his owner's property by jumping the fence. A neighbor shot him, but luckily his injury caused him to lose only a toe and not his life. But after that, his owners knew he was unsafe and surrendered him to a foster who had experience caring for wolf dogs. 

While in foster care, Chief went to the vet to be neutered. Unfortunately, the vet found Chief's left testicle in his abdomen beneath his bladder. Without surgery, the risk of Chief developing life-threatening cancer would be high. The Plan B Emergency Response Fund stepped in and paid for the advanced surgery required to remove both testicles. After an extended recovery due to the complexity of the surgery, Chief was successfully fostered, placed in a loving new home.

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