Bandit & Boo Boo $3000

Bandit & Boo Boo are a bonded father/daughter pair of low-content (less than 25%) wolf dogs that were running loose in Ashland, Virginia before being picked up by an officer from Hanover County Animal Control and Shelter in November of 2020. 

They had been looking for a new home for 8 long months, and understandably, they were getting antsy. Our friends at Arizona Husky Rescue in Queen Creek have some experience with wolf dogs and they have been exhaustively networking Bandit and Boo Boo to find them a safe and legal home. They finally succeeded in finding an adopter with wolfdog experience in Denver, Colorado and they have transport from Virginia to Colorado lined up. But Bandit and Boo Boo may not have been well cared for before they arrived in the shelter and both are heartworm positive. Plan B funded the expensive heartworm treatment, made even more costly due to current drug shortages, at a cost of $3,000 for both. 

By providing for their medical needs Boo Boo and Bandit received the life-saving heartworm treatment they needed and start their new life together with their new family in Colorado. 

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