Carol Bogezi

Carol Bogezi is a PhD candidate in the Wildlife Science program in the School of Environment and Forest Sciences (SEFS) at the University of Washington, Seattle. An international student from Uganda, Bogezi was awarded the prestigious Beinecke Africa Wildlife Conservation scholarship by the Wildlife Conservation Society to pursue her graduate studies in the USA, and additional support from SEFS and Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) for her studies. In 2016 Ms. Bogezi was awarded the 10th annual Environmental Leadership Award by the Bullitt Foundation, and was named one of the ‘Top 40 Women Under 40’ by the Sunday Monitor in Uganda.

Born and raised on a farm in Uganda, Ms. Bogezi is intimately aware of the needs of humans and wildlife competing for natural resources. Her research focuses on understanding interactions between humans and carnivores in Washington State. She aims to contribute to improved carnivore coexistence through (1) analyzing how carnivore movement behaviors influence human-wildlife interactions, and (2) assessing social dimensions of human-carnivore coexistence strategies especially in urbanizing landscapes.  Prior to her studies on human-carnivore interactions, Bogezi studied the distribution and status of a rare crocodile species in Kidepo Valley National Park, northeastern Uganda.

Bogezi believes that the experience and skills that she is acquiring during her study in the USA will enable her to increase the effectiveness of wildlife conservation in Uganda and globally through understanding both wildlife movement behaviors and human behaviors. 

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