I AM Wolf Nation is a virtual collection of individuals and organizations who are willing to lend their voice to help save wolves and all wildlife.

The emphasis will be on wolves and wolf issues. However, as an essential apex predator, wolves are connected to virtually everything in nature and its balance. With that said, there may be issues and subjects published on I AM Wolf Nation that supports other wildlife. 

When individuals and organizations join I AM Wolf Nation, they are simply taking a pledge to:

• Be responsive and provide a voice when one is needed, specifically for wolves.

• Respect all walks of life.

• Treat all sentient beings with kindness and respect

Be Their Voice

I AM Wolf Nation will publish on its website issues that require its members to share their voice in support of wolves. The call to action could be in the form of online signatures or directing members to call their representatives, and more with suggested verbiage and other relevant information. The collective “voice “can also be provided directly to legislators and commissioners who are reviewing/voting on the issue by I AM Wolf Nation. I AM Wolf Nation becomes THE central location for being a voice for wolves.

Additional Information

• All members’ information will be kept private and not provided to other organizations or used for fundraising.

• The content featured on I AM Wolf Nation and within email alerts will be related to wolves and other wildlife issues.

• I AM Wolf Nation is not a 501c3. It is simply a virtual collective that will only promote content related to supporting, saving and advocating on behalf of wolves (primarily) and all wildlife.

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