Joe Engleheart

Rancher, The Working Circle Collaborative. Joe grew up on a small family-run cattle ranch in the interior of British Columbia where he learned at a young age that cattle and predators do and have to live together. After graduating from high school, he worked at many ranches where the owners did not have the same views. This resulted in having to shoot numerous predators. Joe always knew there had to be a better way, but it wasn't until about 17 years ago he was given the latitude to try some methods that have been successful, such as: upping human presence around the cattle; learning where the wolves are in conjunction with where you are putting cattle; knowing where den sites are; and rendezvous sites are. Every year there are wolves shot, trapped, or snared. This can result in pack dynamics changing, and not always for the better. Through all of this Joe has learned that we are better off letting the wolves be wolves while taking cattle off their opportunity list.

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