Steve Wastell - Magician

Steve is a Los Angeles Magician who performs regularly at the world famous Magic Castle.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be able to perform magic almost nightly for over 20 years from New York to Los Angeles. I actually started dabbling in magic at a later age than most people. I was in my mid-twenties working the bars of New York City when I met two people that change my life: Chappy Brazil and Magick Balay. They frequented Perfect Tommy’s where I bartended, and every night they would blow the minds of my patrons with amazing feats of magic. I hounded them nightly to “teach me just one thing” but they always refused. Finally, in the wee hours of a Saturday night in 1989 after everyone had left the bar, they taught me my first trick! “If we come back next week and you can do it, we’ll show you something else,” they said. As it turned out, I was a fast learner. I didn’t see Chappy much after that. He was in Vegas working most of the time and then sadly, he passed away in an accident. At the time, I didn’t know how respected in the magic world he was. I only found out when I moved to LA and became a member of the Magic Castle. Magick and I, however, are still very close friends to this day. Little did any of us know back then that the young bartender who just wanted to learn a few tricks so he could meet more girls, would end up becoming a professional magician. I have now had to honor to perform for many of our returning military veterans, the opening of Trader Joe’s in Hollywood, Winery Estates up the West Coast,  Sony Play Station’s Christmas party, and I’ve helped boyfriends pop the question by making rings appear from nowhere.”

“I love what I do and I believe that magic is all around us so when I put on a show, it has to feel like true magic to me as well as my audience.”
– Steve Wastell


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