Leadership Transformation Workshop

April 21, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm     

This is the perfect workshop for small businesses and corporations who want to hone their employee's leadership and team building skills.

Wolf Tribe is Philip Folsom’s newest transformation program. It is a hybrid of Philip’s engaging and impactful leadership theory and experiential practical exercises coupled with learning from a pack of wolf dogs! The module is built around the acknowledged premise that human beings operate best in tribal systems and that key components of successful tribal structure is based on wolf pack behavior. In short, if we want to recreate a contemporary high performing, fulfilling and healthy tribe we must hack the behavior of the pack.

Wolfpack behavior is scaffolded on a series of interlocking levels that closely model our most successful and tight knit organizations: high performing sports teams, healthy family systems and high end military units. Each level in the pyramid above functions only on the levels below and until the lower, foundational levels have been established we cannot move on to more advanced behavior.

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