White Wolf: Canyon Pack : 7pm March 26

Film by award-winning filmmaker Bob Landis.

Bob will introduce the film and available for Q&A after the show along with the Apex Ambassador Pack. DVDs of Bob's films will be available for purchase.

WHITE WOLF: CANYON PACK follows the white alpha female of the Canyon Pack in Yellowstone for eight years.  The female and her black mate take over her parent's territory after their death.  For six years her pack hunts and dens in Hayden Valley, but in the wintertime, the pack moves great distances, often along the groomed park roads.  This pack is a good example of how wolves can adapt to close human contact.  Although she was shot near the Northern boundary of the park her daughter, also white, still leads a pack, Wapiti Lake Pack, through Yellowstone's interior. 

Purchase tickets for the film at www.SedonaFilmFestival.org

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