The campaign to end killing contests in AZ

The campaign to end killing contests in AZ

In early fall of 2018, four concerned citizens decided to implement a campaign to end wildlife killing contests in the state of Arizona.

Their plan included multiple angles including a general awareness campaign with free screenings of the documentary Killing Games: Wildlife in the Crosshairs, investigating the legality of the contests as it relates to the Arizona gambling statutes, educating and collaborating with state legislators, and a concentrated effort to go city by city, county by county, to garner support in making a public statement by passing proclamations and resolutions opposing the contests.

The campaign to date has been very well received and incredibly successful. Join us to hear how you too can become a voice for wildlife and how impactful it can be in your own community. They will also share the current status of the statewide ban and how you can help.

For more information on wildlife killing contests click here.

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