Day 4 Yellowstone Speaker Pass March 30

Day 4 Pass March 30

A great way to end the week with Yellowstone, a tribute plus dinner and a show!

Celebrating the Wolves of Yellowstone        

Yellowstone Wolves are world renowned and have created advocates all over the world. Yet their status goes unrecognized once they cross park boundaries, which can be fatal.

Join us for an afternoon where speakers inform and inspire while presenting the economics, science, and politics about Yellowstone wolves and how to use that information for advocacy. 

The program begins with retired Yellowstone Park Ranger Rick McIntyre who will create an intimate connection between the audience and the Park’s wolves through storytelling. Rick’s appearance at Sedona Wolf Week is one of his first and we are honored to present this one in a lifetime experience to hear him speak.

A panel will immediately follow with brief presentations from each that revisits the reintroduction, discuss current issues and the future of these world-famous wolves. There will be audience participation and guidance on how we all can advocate for all wolves.

The afternoon will be moderated by author Rick Lamplugh.

Speakers and panelists include:

Rick McIntyre – world-renowned retired Yellowstone park ranger and biological technician

Carter Niemeyer – author and wolf advocate

Marc Cooke – executive director and founder of Wolves of the Rockies

Karol Miller – The 06 Legacy founder speaking on "The Big Picture for Yellowstone Wolves"

Rick Lamplugh - author, wolf advocate, and member of Gardiner's Bear Creek Council--an all-volunteer conservation group that has helped Wolves of the Rockies and others in the struggle to reduce the quota of wolves killed in the wolf management units adjacent to Yellowstone.

Closing Ceremony Dinner + Magic Show

Wolf Week will culminate with the first annual awarding of The Susan Weidel Tribute Award during dinner immediately followed by performances by magicians John Shryock and Steve Wastell of Magic Castle fame.

For those who want to attend the entire day of speakers, dinner, magic show and register with one donation, the following options are available: 

Day Speaker Pass:

Speaker sessions are FREE. However, if you would like to make a donation, ALL non-ticketed speaker sessions for the day have a suggested value of $50 or more.

Donations are greatly appreciated. When you donate, you help cover expenses associated with our guest speakers which allow more funds to be used to help with the following: education, advocacy, rescue, transport, medical, enrichment and food for wolfdogs and wolves all over the country. 

Day VIP Speaker Pass:

VIP Day Speaker Pass is a $200 MINIMUM donation which covers ALL non-ticketed speaker sessions for the day AND includes the dinner with one ticket for the Steve Wastell Magic Show.

Click here to view the schedule of speakers and events.

Please note Day 4 Pass does NOT include the Children’s Workshop featuring Rick McIntyre and the Apex Ambassador Pack. This is a ticketed program sold separately here.

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