Day 3 Co-Existence Day Speaker Pass March 29

Day 3 Pass March 29

Wolves and Ranching: the realities, challenges, and hope.

The goal of the panel is to allow participants an opportunity to hear from ranchers and scientist who have worked in the trenches, lived the life, and witnessed firsthand, the realities, challenges, and hope surrounding wolves and livestock on shared landscapes.  Looking beyond the science, the panel also seeks to also address the social and cultural dynamics surrounding the topic of wolves and ranching. 

It is our desire to encourage meaningful discussion among not just panelists, but between the audience and panelists as well.  Each speaker will present for up to 25 minutes followed by a 10 minute Q & A.  At the end of the presentations, an open floor will be provided to host a dialogue, ideas, and questions.  We welcome all to participate as we look to gain a deeper insight into wolves and ranching in the modern world.    

For those who want to attend the entire day of speakers and register with one donation, the following options are available: 

Day Speaker Pass:

Speaker sessions are FREE. However, if you would like to make a donation, ALL non-ticketed speaker sessions for the day have a suggested value of $50 or more.

Donations are greatly appreciated. When you donate, you help cover expenses associated with our guest speakers which allow more funds to be used to help with the following: education, advocacy, rescue, transport, medical, enrichment and food for wolfdogs and wolves all over the country. 

Day VIP Speaker Pass: SOLD OUT

VIP Day Speaker Pass is a $230 MINIMUM donation which covers ALL non-ticketed speaker sessions for the day AND includes a PRIVATE PACK SOCIAL with limited edition shirt (only 48 spots available), entry to VIP reception with two drink tickets to listen to the music of Steve Estes (a $305 Value).

Click here to view the schedule of speakers and events.

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