Meet The Pack - April 19

April 19, 2:45 - 5:00 pm         

At Poco Diablo Resort        

Minimum Donation: $75 per person

Meet The Pack  SOLD OUT

The opportunity to meet the Apex Protection Project Ambassador Pack at Poco Diablo has proved so popular that it is now completely booked.

There is one last chance for you

One of the silent auction items is a hike with the pack where the top bidders will get to hike with the pack at a location here in Sedona on Sunday morning.  To bid, attend any of the events and ask for the slient auction.

What do we mean “no guarantee”?

The Ambassador Pack is made up of six wolf dogs who are certified by the USDA as educational animals. They travel to events for the purposes of meet and greets so people can experience “hands-on” what it is like to interact with these amazing animals. The likelihood of interaction is very high.

However, out of respect, it is our policy not to make the pack or pack members do something they don’t want to do. If you are eager to meet a specific wolf dog and on the day of the Meet The Pack Event that wolf dog is not feeling “social”, then they will not attend. There are no guarantees as to which wolf dogs will be at the specific socials. It is our goal to have them all present but again, it is up to each individual wolf dog and what they “tell” us in terms of their participation.

Additionally, much like people, wolf dogs may feel more comfortable with some more than others and we will not force a pack member to greet a person they don’t want to. To encourage the possibility of interaction we would suggest removing all hats and sunglasses when meeting the pack as well as leave behind water bottles, purses, and other items you may be carrying.

Photos are allowed including selfies, as long as the wolf-dog is willing. Each wolf dog is accompanied by a handler and their decision is final as it is in the best interest of the animal.

These policies are in place to be respectful of the pack members. We hope all participants are understanding of these policies and we appreciate your consideration of them while attending the Meet The Pack Event. If for any reason a Meet The Pack Event is canceled all donations will be returned upon request otherwise no refunds will be issued.

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