Call of the Wild Mural March 27-30

FREE and open to the public. 

Launched in 2018 this public art installation is open to the public to come and paint, write or draw your message of support for wolves, all wildlife and protecting the Endangered Species Act.

The mural is comprised of wolf silhouettes that when joined together create a mural of advocacy for all to enjoy. The mural will travel throughout Arizona and as more people participate more wolf silhouettes will be added.

After Wolf Week the mural will travel throughout the US until its final destination in Washington DC where the goal is to have hundreds of wolf silhouettes on display that visually voices our support for the voiceless to our legislators.

The mural will be on display throughout Wolf Week and is open to the public (you do not have to attend Wolf Week to participate in the mural project). We hope you will invite friends and bring them along to visually express your voices in support of wolves and wildlife.

To read more about the mural project click here.

To become a sponsor of this community art for advocacy project click here.


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