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No More Turning Away

This scintillating talk begins by exploring our connection to wildlife and the importance that it plays in our own survival. From there Betsy discusses the power of co-existence, goes over the lesser known current tactics being employed against them (killing contests, trapping, baiting, hounding, and more)and gives a heartfelt plea for our participation in their survival along with opportunities to take action.

Rewrite the Fairy Tale: How does myth vs truth play a role in the life we are living?

This talk begins with an illustration of the myths surrounding wolves from Little Red Riding Hood to the Three Little Pigs drawing a contrast with the truth of wolf behaviors. From there Betsy uses this as a metaphor to look at the role that mythology plays in our own lives exploring the following themes: What are the myths we believe in that impact the quality of our lives? What are the myths that others believe about us? What would we change so that we are living our truth and others see us in that light?

Wolf Dog Rescue: The Blood, Sweat, and Tears

This in-depth talk explores the world of wolf dog rescue from what makes a wolf dog, to how they are treated within the shelter system, the importance of labels and what it is like to own one. Betsy will also share Plan B’s heartwarming success stories in wolf dog rescue and dog rescue to date.


The core of Plan B’s work is the belief that when we save wolves we save ourselves. One delves into how this belief is rooted in the science of Biodiversity sharing the compassion and intelligence of wolves and wolf families while also directly demonstrating their powerful impact of the environment using Yellowstone as a backdrop. From here she explores how understanding this on a core level results in a paradigm-shifting awareness leading us to live more compassionate lives both with wildlife and each other.

Silent Lucidity

This stunning visual presentation features images of wolves and wildlife interwoven with mind-opening facts about wolves and the Endangered Species Act.

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