What is Plan B?

Plan B to Save the Wolves began with an audacious idea. Recognizing that many grass roots advocacy organizations operate on a shoestring budget Founders Betsy Klein and Timon Pratt saw a void that they could fill: Leveraging their combined professions experience would make a much-needed difference by empowering multiple organizations.

The genesis behind Plan B to Save the Wolves was to create an organization that helped other nonprofits that specifically supported wolves and wolf dogs with marketing, development/fundraising and board development.

Within their first year they had already expanded beyond their initial vision while raising over $45,000 that directly went to wolf related causes.

In its brief history Plan B has been involved with the rescue of over 220 wolf dogs, provided much needed funds to over 25 wolf rescue organizations and individuals, developed and co-produced Sedona Wolf Week with Apex Protection Project, launched I AM WOLF NATION®, lobbied at the Arizona State capitol on behalf of a bill to increase penalties for animal abuse and advocated locally, regionally and nationally for numerous other conservation efforts while raising nearly $250,000 that directly went to wolf related non-profits and wolf dog rescues.

They did this while educating the public about the important role that wolves play in healthy ecosystems, debunking myths that had followed these magnificent creatures relentlessly eventually causing them to be hunted into near extinction and advocating for peaceful co-existence.

There are three core areas in which Plan B currently operates: Advocacy, Education and Rescues.

Some of their initiatives in these areas include:

  • Fundraising, managing and disbursing funds to organizations with an emergent need.
  • Helping to create a unified network of support among wolf and wolf dog organizations.
  • Presenting Sedona Wolf Week (with Apex Protection Project)
  • Highlighting and supporting specific advocacy projects and initiatives to Save Wolves and Wolf Dogs though I AM WOLF NATION®
  • Rewriting the Fairy Tale in partnership with Apex Protection Project
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Producing the Call of the Wild Mural a traveling art installation advocating for wolves and the Endangered Species Act.

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