We were overwhelmed with your support for this rescue and raised more than the target within 24 hours! Donations came from far and wide and thanks to people sharing the facebook post we reached over 10,000 people.

All 26 Dogs Saved and Rehomed! Thank you! 

The story as it unfolded, told by the veterinarian who donated all of her services to help save these dogs and wolf dogs:

"I was asked by animal control to assist in the rescue and placement of 26 northern breed dogs and several wolf dogs who were living trapped in collapsed cages in mud and over a foot of water.  We have worked to develop a local rapid response team made up of veterinarians, vet techs, animal rescue professionals and skilled volunteers to work with national groups, depending on the size of the case, who can quickly set up an emergency shelter then go on scene with animal control with special response vehicles to aid in rescuing, veterinary triage, transporting and emergency sheltering of animal victims of cruelty and neglect.  We knew the dogs didn't have a lot of time before some of them would be underwater with the rain forecasted so the day before the rescue we set up our emergency shelter in a quickly acquired warehouse which we were offered the use of for 1 week and using rented construction fence paneling we created 10x10 runs for each dog, knowing these dogs were scared and needed time and space to decompress without people crowding in on them once they were rescued."

"The day of the rescue we set up our emergency veterinary triage station once we arrived on scene and the animal rescue team went in and carefully worked through the collapsed metal housing the dogs, having to use bolt cutters and crowbars to gently prise the metal back to get to the dogs bringing them out to us at the triage station one by one. Some dogs were so anemic from worms and starvation that they could barely stand.  Others were trapped in collapsed areas in which they could not turn around."

"Once we transported them back to the emergency shelter we started them on high quality nutrition in small meals and performed routine veterinary care, medicating those with medical problems and began easing them into human contact.  They all began responding to a routine and good care over the course of a week and due to help from Plan B Foundation and W.O.L.F and our other partners we were able to transport them out to rescues and sanctuaries so they can finally get the chance to live the great lives they deserve. Thank you to all who donated!"


In gratitude – Betsy & Timon

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