26 Dogs Need Your Help Right Now

Plan B to Save Wolves got the call … 26 dogs and wolf dogs living in the most deplorable conditions imaginable. Some lived in kennels that were so small, they could not turn around. Some lived in standing water and mud. All were neglected and abused.


This rescue is taking place right now in Tennessee. A wonderful veterinarian is donating all her time to provide medical care to these 26 dogs and wolf dogs so they can all be saved and rehomed!

However, medications and supplies cost money. They need $2,000 right now to cover the hard costs and expenses associated with this rescue.


Please help Plan B save these 26 dogs and wolf dogs by donating today!

Special thank you to Susan Weidel of W.O.L.F. Sanctuary for coordinating this rescue and to Dr. Dunlap and her entire team for saving these animals.

Help us help them now.  Donate here.

She lived in a burrow in the smallest cage of all where she could not turn around hardly. She's a beautiful dog.” Dr. Dunlap

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