Words Matter and the Importance of Labels

We visited Pets Return Home here in Arizona who were recently involved with the rescue of a female dog, Jesse, from a local humane society, where she had been labeled a wolf dog and was scheduled for extermination. Like many dogs who end up in shelters, she was found abandoned and running wild trying to fend for herself. Jesse had been sitting on death row for six weeks with no social interaction or physical activity until Pets Return Home was made aware of her scheduled killing and rescued her.

Mark Happe, Director of Pets Return Home, rescued Jesse and brought her to his no kill rescue that specializes in saving and rehoming dogs that were just about to be euthanized. Plan B and Mark connected over another rescue where another dog had been labeled a wolf dog and left abandoned as its owner had died.

Understanding the importance and ramifications the label "wolf dog" can have on a dog, he brought both dogs to the safety at his facility for DNA testing. Plan B has assisted with funding for the DNA testing and towards their care. If they are identified as wolf dogs, Plan B will help Mark find the most appropriate home, rescue or sanctuary for them.

Pets Return Home helps dog-rescue and shelter organizations prevent the needless killing of homeless dogs.They provide behavior development in a safe and stress-free refuge. Their student-dogs are victims of human neglect, abuse, ignorance and animal shelter overpopulation. Thye help restore their confidence and ability to be loving family companions.  The team has 25 years’ experience saving dog lives and building happy companion families. 

Plan B is honored to have met Mark and his team and see first hand all the great work they do. We played with many dogs who were friendly, loving and thankfully had been saved ... now all they need is a forever home. Plus the collaboration will help Jesse and other wolf dogs that Mark may rescue. Stay tuned to find out the results of the testing. 

One of the most important aspects of this situation, as with other similar cases, is the potential of misinformation.  Many animals are labeled as "wolf dog" or "pitbull" incorrectly and because of the misunderstanding and prejudice towards such breeds this can quickly lead to their death. 

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