Mexican gray wolf was killed in Arizona

Authorities just announced that an endangered Mexican gray wolf was killed in Arizona.1

This death from December highlights just how dangerous of a situation Mexican gray wolves are in. She was at least the 13th Mexican gray wolf killed in 2017, and there are just over 100 of them left in the wild, spread across Arizona and New Mexico. With so few surviving, one wolf killed is one too many.

But Sen. Jeff Flake is trying to erase their Endangered Species Act protections, which would open the door to hunting, trapping and habitat loss. We need to speak up for the Mexican gray wolves that are left.

Tell your senators: Don't push Mexican gray wolves over the brink.

Thank you for speaking up for wolves,

The Environmental Action team

1. "Endangered Mexican gray wolf found dead in Arizona," New York Post, January 17, 2018.

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