Remington’s Rescue

Sharing Great News of Remington’s Rescue

We are happy to report that Remington the coyote has ended his cross-country journey and arrived at his new permanent home, a wonderful sanctuary, where he will live out the rest of his life safely and loved.

Every Life is Worth Saving

Remington was found outside in a back yard when he was approximately three weeks old. He was very tiny with his umbilical cord still attached and puncture wound in his side and tail. The couple immediately took him in and nursed him back to health.


To their credit, the couple know coyotes are wild animals and not meant to be pets. However, whenever they tried to release him into the wild, he would always return to the only home he ever knew.

As much as they loved Remington, they knew he needed to be a place more appropriate for wild animals. Additionally, they feared for his safety because where they were, if it were discovered they had Remington, he would have been confiscated and euthanized.


So, the call went out … and Plan B along with many others answered. Special thanks to Susan Weidel of W.O.L.F. for helping to coordinate the rescue and to Leyton Cougar, Executive Director of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary for transporting Remington over thousands of miles.

And of course, overwhelming gratitude for all of you who donated to help fund Remington’s rescue! This would not have happened without YOU!

“We believe that Remington’s life matters and even though he is only one little wild coyote, we think his life is important and the quality of his life is equally important. 

Thank you for saving Remington and recognizing that he deserves to live out his natural life in safety and peace.”  Susan Weidel, W.O.L.F Sanctuary 

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