Time to help Yellowstone and Montana Wolves!

The time has come again to help Yellowstone and Montana wolves. We are asking you our trusted followers and supporters to take a few minutes and contact Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Department and MtFWP Commissioners.

Each of the email links below bring up a new email with an appropriate content to send, so it literally takes a second.

Your efforts will have a direct impact on decisions made by the commissioners and help WoTR (Wolves of the Rockies) protect and defend wolves that call Yellowstone and Montana their home.   It only takes a couple of minutes, and we will provide you with all the contact information and talking points to share with them.

With your past help, we have managed to get two subunits WMU's 313 & 316 that border YSNP.   We have also achieved quotas in these two areas that border Yellowstone.  Currently, we have WMU 313 & 316 at two wolves being allowed to be hunted or trapped in each.  It wasn't always this way.  At one time there were no quotas for wolves.  But because of illegal poaching, we are asking the commission to lower the quota in WMU 313 to 1 wolf.  Almost half of all the known Montana unlawful killing of wolves happens near Yellowstone National Park.

Virtually all of Montana has no quota for killing wolves. This is by design to lower the wolf population to 350 wolves.   The department refuses to admit that wolves and other carnivores can help with CWD or Chronic Wasting Disease.   At Decembers MtFWP wolf hunting and trapping hearing, a senior representative made the statement the wolves will only help at the later stages of CWD.   When WotR asked Mr. Vore for the research that he used to make this statement, he said there was none.   In this last year, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Director and senior management have taken a turn for the worse.  They deliberately refused every attempt WotR has made to obtain public information that could help wolves.  Even a Freedom of Information Act!    All the while taking donation after donation from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation who is no friend of wolves.   

Last year in Montana wolves killed 57 cattle. There are currently 2.5 million cattle in Montana.   The livestock producers of these 57 cattle that died were financially reimbursed from Montana Livestock Loss Fund.      

When emailing or calling a commissioner, it is critical you'll be polite and respectful.   Below you will find Wolves of the Rockies recommendations and talking points.

WotR proposal for the 2018 & 2019 Wolf hunting and trapping season's
Please keep in mind the WMU's 101, 290 & 390 currently have no wolf killing quotas!  These areas have been identified as a stopping point for CWD.  Wolves are part of the answer regardless of what MtFWP indicates.  

WMU 313 wolf quota should be reduced to 1 wolf.
Shorten the wolf hunting season to coincide with the closing of trapping season 
To help control and contain the spread of CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) quota's established in WMU 101 of 15 wolves
To help control and contain the spread of CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) quota's established in WMU 290 of 13 wolves
 To help control and contain the spread of CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) quota's established in WMU 390 of 14 wolves
Wolf trapping courses will not be online only
Wolf Weekly will resume as soon as possible
Yearly wolf report will continue to be produced yearly

Commissioners Email Address  : fwcomm@mt.gov

Email all together: fwcomm@mt.gov, cartim8@gmail.com, dan@sweetwatertravel.com, rstuker@itstriangle.com, lwbrower@yahoo.com, scolton@Yellowstonelaw.com

Region 1 Commissioner Tim Aldrich  email:  cartim8@gmail.com
Tel:  (406) 241-7164  
Region 2 Commissioner Chair Dan Vermillion:  dan@sweetwatertravel.com
Tel: (406) 222-0624 
Region 3 Commissioner Richard Stuker:  rstuker@itstriangle.com
Tel: (406) 357-3495 
Region 4 Commissioner Logan Brower:   lwbrower@yahoo.com
Tel: (406) 230-2188
Region 5 Commissioner Shane Colton:  scolton@yellowstonelaw.com
Tel: (406) 259-9986

If the links don't work for your default email program, this is the suggested text to write:

Email Title: Montana Wolf  Hunting and Trapping Proposal

Email Content:

I would like to submit my comments for the Wolf hunting & trapping season proposal for 2018 & 2019.
Because most of the known poaching in Montana is taking place in WMU 313 & 316, please lower the quota in 313 from 2 wolves to one.   These wolves are a national treasure and continue to bring sustainable revenue to the Gardiner gateway community and the state of Montana.   It's unjust and unfair that local anti-wolf individuals continue to kill Yellowstone and other local wolves illegally.  It's time that the wildlife watching community has equal representation.  

The wolf population continues to decline by design in Montana.   Please have hunting season closure coincide with the end of trapping season in February.  The hunting of midterm pregnant wolves is both immoral and unethical.   Montana is better than this!  

To help with the prevention and containment of CWD, there should be quotas in the following WMU’s.  WMU 101 (15 wolves), WMU 290 (13 wolves) and WMU 390 (14 wolves).

We encourage you to support the practical, hands-on wolf trapping training and not just an online course.  

Just a reminder that livestock depredation is consistent or declining.    Don't blame wolves for the depredation of other animals.  Elk populations continue to increases and are at 170,000 to 175,000.   Hunter success rates have never been higher.  We have so many elk there is shoulder season hunting of elk.  There is no rational reason or otherwise to continue to kill Montana wolves so heavy-handedly. 

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