Be the Voice of the Profanity Peak Pack

As some of you may know the Profanity Peak wolf pack in the state of Washington is in the process of being exterminated due to issues with livestock. As of the publishing of this email we do not know if all 12 are dead, only six have been confirmed killed.

Of the six not confirmed three are four-month-old puppies. Our friends at Lockwood Animal Rescue Center went to Washington, met with all the respective departments and organizations and offered to take the three wolf puppies to their sanctuary at THEIR cost of time and expense. Governor Jay Inslee and Director of WDFW Jim Unsworth said “no”.

Please know this issue isn’t just about wolves, it is about public lands your tax dollars pay for being over used by commercial businesses. “Had the rancher, whose cows invaded the wolf pack’s territory, been required to use other public lands, or better yet, simply lease private pasture, there would have been no livestock losses, hence wolf deaths,” states George Wuerthner. Please see his full article here.


With the fate of the remaining pack members unknown petitions are still being circulated to try and save them. You can add your name to this petition.

You can also do direct outreach to the Governor and Director of WDFW.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee at: 360-902-4111 or

Director of WDFW, Jim Unsworth, 360-902-2225 or

We thank you for supporting our efforts to save wolves. 

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