Why Wolves Matter

We know there are a lot of issues to be solved in the world and many causes that need champions.

Ours is wolves. They matter.

When we save wolves, we are helping to save ourselves, through the ecosystems which we share, both human and animal.

Did you know dogs and wolves evolved from the same species of wolf approximately 15,000 years ago? And yet dogs today are man’s best friend while wolves are the most persecuted animal on the planet. There are so many myths and lies told about wolves, it is astounding the amount of effort and time people, particularly politicians, spend trying to eliminate wolves.

More facts:

  • Wolves represent less than 1% of total livestock depredation across the US (Source: USDA)
  • There are only about 30-35 red wolves in North Carolina and there is an effort in place to remove them from the endangered species list which essentially labels them as extinct. (Source: Wolf Conservation Center)
  • There are only about 113 Mexican Gray wolves in existence. (Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  • The passing of HR Res 69 this year, signed by executive order, allows for the killing of wolves in various ways, including shooting them in their dens with puppies, on Alaskan wildlife refuges. (Source: Congress.gov)
  • Wolves are an essential apex predator and help keep the balance of nature in place.
  • They, along with other predators, improve habitat and increase populations of many different species known as the trophic cascade.
  • Elk and deer herds actually thrive when wolves are present as wolves feed on the old and sick.
  • Wolf packs live as families and many have roles including leaders, babysitters, hunters and more.

Help us continue to generate awareness, educate and save this essential species.

When we save wolves, we save ourselves.

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