Our own worst enemy

11 things that are statistically more dangerous for humans than the gray wolf

From the Official Blog of the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project

1. Vending machines.

vending machine

Since the late 70’s nearly 40 people died and many more injured by these food or drink dispensers. How many wolf deaths in the lower-48? Zero.

2. Cell phones.

cell phone

"Don’t text and drive” is a slogan for a reason—distractions because of phones are responsible for thousands of crashes and injuries and, unfortunately, about 9 deaths every day. Let that sink in...9 x 365 = 3,285!

3. Water.


Yes, even water can be more dangerous that wolves! Hard to believe, we know.

4. Cigarettes.


Smoking kills almost 480,000 Americans a year according to the CDC. Cigarettes: 480,000. Gray Wolf: 0.

5. Jaywalking


In 2015, 5,736 pedestrians were killed on U.S. roads and many more injured. That’s right, just walking around can be more dangerous than the gray wolf.

6. Ladders.


Over a hundred people die from falling off ladders every year.

7. Food.


In 2015, about 5,000 people were killed as a result of choking in America.

8. Pets. 


Dogs, man’s best friend, cause about 31 deaths a year!

9. Stairs 


Watch your step—about 1,600 fatalities a year are from people falling down.

10. Lawn Mowers. 

lawn mower.gif

75 people die a year from a common weekly chore!

11. Alcohol.


Drinking can be fun but at least a few people die every day from alcohol poisoning.

See? Wolves aren’t all that bad when you consider other risks we face every day by just...living life. There have been zero confirmed wolf fatalities in the lower-48 of this country.

Wolves are a staple of the West and humans have a responsibility to return them back there — we’ve got to protect our legacy. That’s what this is about.

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