Saving Sarge

Plan B to Save Wolves actively participated in the rehabilitation of Sarge, a wolf dog surrendered to Apex Protection Project.

Sarge’s story is not unique. Due to personal reasons including a divorce and financial issues, Sarge’s family could no longer keep him nor could they afford much needed surgery to save Sarge’s leg.

Sarge sustained significant injury to one of his back legs and for a couple of months was unable to place any weight on it. Because his family could not afford the medical care he needed the injury went untreated.

Additionally they had no time for him and he spent several months in a tiny enclosure without exercise, which only exasperated his injury and created a weight problem.

Apex Protection Project came to Sarge’s rescue. They got him the medical treatment he needed and put him on a weight loss plan. We are pleased to report he has made a full recovery and will spend the rest of his years at their amazing sanctuary lovingly cared for.

Plan B to Save Wolves supporters’ contributions helped create a happy ending to Sarge’s story. We reached out to the network of supporters to help save Sarge and many answered the call. So much so $13,500 was raised specifically for his surgery, ongoing veterinarian care and rehabilitation. Donations came in from various donors including some Sedona locals. We are incredibly grateful for your support.

Want to help wolf sanctuaries and wolf dogs like Sarge? Please give us a call as we are currently taking donations to continue our mission of saving wolves and wolf dogs. 

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