Another Wolf Dog Saved – Meet Wolf Boy

Thank you to our generous donors who helped Plan B to Save Wolves play a role in bringing

Wolf Boy to his new forever home.

Wolf Boy was brought to the Humane Animal Rescue Shelter in Pittsburgh and was identified as
a wolf dog, which meant he could not be adopted out to an individual. W.O.L.F. stepped in to
help find a home for Wolf Boy, which they did with a lovely woman in New Hampshire. The woman and her husband (now deceased) rescued wolf dogs for years. When she saw the photo of Wolf Boy she was compelled to save him.

Wolf Boy will be picked up by this lovely woman and transported back to New Hampshire
where another wolf dog friend is waiting for him to play with and live happily ever after.
Special thank you to W.O.L.F. , Humane Animal Rescue Shelter, Wolf Boy’s new “Mom” and of
course our donors. You all saved a life today.

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