17 more rescued

Villalobos Rescue Center reached out, also with 17 wolf dogs, after they had been called in to assist with a very serious situation in Ascension Parish. There were 17 wolf dogs running loose after the owner had been long term hospitalized.

When they arrived on scene, there was a lot going on. Local authorities were there ready to "shoot on sight". The two other rescue groups that showed up; St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue and another rescue group who asked to remain anonymous, talked the "local authorities " into "standing down" to allow attempts to capture the roving pack.

"We were told that we had that day and that day only (yesterday) to catch all of them, as "the authorities" waited across the street in their trucks. The pressure was on and I felt the weight of the world like I've never known. Trying one "plan" after the other, these crafty yet beautiful creatures, outsmarted me every time. But then again....I knew this would happen. After all, Villalobos started off as a wolf/wolf hybrid rescue back in the '90's. :) So I had a Plan B to use when Plan A failed" ... says VillaLobos ... and sure enough Plan B helped out, with more funds, $500 from our Sedona Wolf Week donations.

By nightfall, they had them all rounded up (with the exception of two that a kind neighbor is trapping in his yard). They had managed to gather up the "Gonzalez Pack", without using force, catch poles, or dart guns but with a whole lotta patience.

These sweet yet shy dogs are now under our care but they have ABSOLUTELY nowhere to house them as we are out of room. They need to build temporary facilities under we can get another rescue to take them. Taking on this many dogs at on time is a huge hardship on us and the amount of physical labor that it is taking to take care of them is exhausting. They knew that they did not have the means at this point to build what it takes to house these dogs but when you're looking at those trucks across the street and guys sitting in there with shot guns....all common sense goes out the window and their heart took over. They need help. Any assistance from our supporters, fans, fellow canine friends, would be so appreciated more than you know. 

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