Miracle Worker

We were honored to meet Jonathan Kraft, founder of Keepers of the Wild and his pack of four wolves that he rescued after they miraculously survived the Butte Fire in California which consumed more than 70,000 acres of timbered forest lands and 500 residences.

Local news agenecies covered the story READ HERE and HERE

Jonathan Kraft is an animal behaviorist who has a passion for animals that stems from his early childhood. Jonathan left his small hometown in Holland to immigrate to the United States. After establishing himself as a producer, creator, and performer in Las Vegas, Jonathan began working on a multi-million dollar production on the Las Vegas Strip with animals.

While learning to care for his cubs, he was exposed to other animal trainers and witnessed the neglect and abuse that many animal performers suffer behind the scenes. He started to rescue animals. In 1995, Jonathan established Keepers of the Wild (KOTW) as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal sanctuary. Read more ...

Our meeting with Jonathan helped us learn more about legislation and processes as well as opened our network of potential people and organizations to help with temporary foster situations in emergency situations.  Jonathan is an incredible man who puts animals first and has already been helpful with advice and contacts due to his vast experience in the rescue world.

A tour of the facilities at Keepers of the Wild, learning about each of the animal's stories of how they came to be there, their special requirements and the level of care they receive from Jonathan and his team was enlightening and encouraging. They work tirelessly every day to put right the ills that humans have inflicted on these amazing creatures.

Thank you Jonathan and Keepers of the Wild for what you do everyday to help save animals.

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