Memorial Day Rescue

We recently were an integral part of a rescue involving a wolf dog that was to be euthanized and our efforts, in collaboration with Apex Protection Project, saved his life. We spent best part of Memorial Day on the phone to secure a foster home as he was to be euthanized Tuesday morning. Thankfully hours before getting on the road to pick him up in Wisconsin and transport to his new home in Arizona, he was rescued by his owner from the shelter.

  • Working with local organizations that are willing to provide temporary homes for wolf dogs that are in shelters until an opening at a sanctuary becomes available.
  • Generally, when a wolf dog ends up in a shelter, they are euthanized, unless they can be placed immediately.
  • A temporary foster home saves their life and gives us a little more time to help find them a permanent, safe home.
  • Plan B helps fund the transport as well as any medical costs so the foster does not have to assume those costs. 

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