New Arrivals

Betsy and Timon visited Kelly at Eagle Tail Mountain mid week and spent the day helping him out with feeding and cleaning up the enclosures. It's a lot cooler now, down there, but it still hit 88 while they were there working. So with the cooler weather the renovations will start in earnest with the new water system, timber and more.  All systems go!

They also helped out with the installation of fencing to split a double enclosure into two in readiness for this weekends two new arrivals Indy & Lucie. One of the unique aspects of the sanctuary is that fences can be quickly installed or removed to allow for more wolf dogs, which is an essential factor in what is often a last minute situation to rescue an animal. 

Betsy and Timon returned on Sunday to greet the new arrivals and Susan Reeder, who transported them from California. Susan does the majority of the transporting for our rescue transports and is moving to stay with Kelly at the end of the month, to be on site to help out with the day to day and begin to socialize some of the HDW animals with a view to possible adoption to suitable homes. Indy and Lucy were very happy in their new home as you can see.



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