Thank you for your continued support

We're grateful for all the successes you've made possible in just three short years!

Dear friend and supporter,

In just three short years Plan B to Save Wolves has made the impossible possible, and we want you to know it's all thanks to you! We hope you are proud of all we've accomplished together:

Historical Ruling: Wildlife Killing Contests
Banned in Arizona

On September 4th of this year, the State of Arizona became the 4th state in the nation to ban killing contests. Thanks to your support, Plan B played a vital role in the campaign to ban these atrocious events, and the ban includes all predators and fur bearers.

Providing Sanctuary: Partnering with Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary

Thanks to your generosity, Plan B to Save Wolves is working with Eagle Tail and its Founder Kelly Reed to continue the legacy he began decades ago. Kelly came out of retirement to take in the 46 remaining wolf dogs from the HDW rescue in 2018 and Plan B has been working with him ever since.

Aerial View of Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary

Your donations are making it possible for Plan B to work with Eagle Tail to make much-needed repairs and improvements, provide food and veterinary care, and plan for the future.

HDW Rescue: Then and Now

Your contributions made an impossible rescue with a very tight deadline possible. Working with rescues and partners, your support allowed us to help rescue 185 animals from High Desert Wolves in just over two months - liaising with transporters, veterinarians, food suppliers and sanctuaries, all the while battling with the local Animal Control for more time on a daily basis. With your help, every single animal was rescued from death by the county.

The HDW rescue may be over, but the need remains. Plan B continues to work with some of the rescuers as the wolf dogs are rehabilitated and rehomed. With your support, we'll be able to stay in contact with HDW and other rescuers and continue to assist as needed.

Join the Howl: Call of the Wild Mural Art for Advocacy

Your gifts brought renowned eco-political artist Lauren Strohacker's artwork to life as Call of the Wild mural, a community participatory art for advocacy project comprised of individual wolf silhouettes. The mural will travel from city to city where people can write, draw or paint their messages of support for wolves, wildlife, and saving the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Planned stops include the state capitol in Phoenix on April 30, 2020 in Prescott in Spring 2020 – and ultimately, the nation's capitol in Washington DC.

Is it possible? A Trap Free World

With your continued support, Plan B is sponsoring a Trap Free Montana billboard along a major highway in Gallatin Gateway for visitors en route to Yellowstone. The “End the Suffering” trapped wolf billboard sends a clear message increasing public awareness of the cruelty of trapping. Ironically, Montana, which receives millions of dollars in tourism from wolf watchers, allows an unlimited number of wolves to be shot or trapped annually in the state in all but three units just outside the national parks.

Helping Day In and Day Out

In addition to all the large rescues and projects, your support allows Plan B to continue to help rescue individual wolf dogs in danger, provide veterinary care for ill and injured animals, support and promote educational projects and awareness events, and more.

With your support, we can build on these successes, continuing our work advancing animal-friendly legislation, advocating for wolves, wolf dogs and all wildlife, educating the public about the valuable role wolves play in our society, carrying out rescues large and small, and developing plans to help save lives long into the future.

Thank you for being part of the Plan B pack!

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