Eagle Tail Mountain - Preparation

Betsy and Timon spent the day with Kelly at Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary, with the help of young Brady too, preparing for two new arrivals, Lucie & Indy this weekend.

Kelly and Timon bolting up the front end of the separating fence, to split the double enclosure into two. One of the unique aspects of the sanctuary is that fences can be quickly installed or removed to allow for more wolf dogs, which is an essential factor in what is often a last-minute situation to rescue an animal.

Each enclosure has a beautiful tree, if not more, for the wolfdogs to have shade in the hot Arizona sun, in addition to their shelter and a giant tub of water. We love that Eagle Tail wanted to provide a wonderful habitat for the dogs and took the initiative to plant 150 trees on the property.

As always, heartfelt gratitude for the donors who help to make this happen. We will send an update on the two new rescues when they arrive. 

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