High Tailing It!

Another update for you on Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary. B and I spent several hours there this past weekend. It was an important visit as our goal was to sit down with Kelly and work out both the immediate future of the Sanctuary and the long-term outlook.

We are excited to announce that we have “adopted” Eagle Tail Mountain Sanctuary and Plan B will be playing a large role in the sanctuary now and into the future. Details on this important development to come.

While we were at the Sanctuary, we checked in on the new arrivals, the four mothers from Clarkdale. They are doing great and we took time to sit with the pups who are nearly nine months old now.

And we were able to deliver a fantastic gift for Kelly, donated by our dear friend Matt. Kelly now has an ATV and trailer that will make life a little easier as he transports food and materials around the 10-acre property.

Kelly would have liked to thank you personally for your support these past few months, but that’s not possible, so he asked us to record his message for you. Click here to hear from Kelly personally:

Now that Fall is upon us and temperatures are beginning to drop below three figures, we talked about moving forward with much-needed repairs. The infrastructure of the 20-year old facility needs some renovation. Twenty years in the brutal weather extremes of the desert (from 12° lows in the winter to 120° highs in the summer) takes its toll on wood and plumbing. It will take about $7,000 in donations to renew all the timber frames and marine ply doors to each and every enclosure and to replenish the shelters inside the enclosures to provide the wolf dogs crucial shade from the desert sun.

It will take another $3,000 to replace all the plumbing which has also endured the same extreme temperatures for two decades now and is beyond further repair, having already cracked, been welded and then rewelded. Fortunately, the technology available today can provide better insulated materials to last longer and withstand these extremes, meaning when completed, Eagle Tail Mountain Sanctuary will once again have a reliable watering system to provide the animals with water as well as the trees which again provide valuable shade.

We’re hoping you’ll consider a vital contribution to our new GoFundMe campaign that will focus specifically on the critical infrastructure needs - refurbishment of the doors, shelters and plumbing. Donating via GoFundMe is easy, fast, and secure. Every penny counts and there is no time to waste. We need to get these repairs done before Winter.

Click here to donate

Thanks again for your unwavering support of Plan B and your commitment to these amazing animals.

When we save wolves, we save ourselves.

In gratitude – Betsy & Timon

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