Running On Empty

After our last visit to the sanctuary, we specifically wanted to see how we could address the plumbing situation for the critical water system that runs throughout the property. Much of the piping has cracked in the extreme temperatures that Tonapah endures. Despite the current heat of their desert location (118° the day before we visited!), many of the copper pipes burst in the winters when temperatures reach low teens!

Making a plan to address the needs of the system was a top priority. It's the only way to alleviate the back-breaking manual work required to first refill each and every wolf dogs' water bucket, and then hand-water each of the 100+ the priceless trees that provide crucial shade in the summer heat.


Late last week, we found out not only are the pipes broken, but now a problem has arisen with the well itself. Kelly has had to replace numerous elements of the switchgear recently, but this is more serious. Local experts came out to see if they could isolate the problem, and unfortunately, the only solution is a new pump and pipe for the well.

Frankly, they were surprised that everything lasted as long as it did. The wrong wire was used when the pump was initially installed, and rubber hose was used instead of metal pipe.

The well must be fixed, and quickly, but the price tag is another $2308. In the meantime, Kelly's amazing neighbors stepped in to help refill the reservoir tank so the wolf dogs don't suffer, but we must move quickly to raise the nearly $5,000 needed to fix the well and the piping. The wolf-dogs must have clean, fresh water at all times.


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