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Wolves Need Your Help NOW
There are several proposed bills that are anti-wolf and affect many other animals as well. It is very easy to ask your Representatives to OPPOSE these bills. Simply

CALL 202-224-3121

and it will direct you to the appropriate person when you enter your zip code. It literally takes 60 seconds to save wolves and other wildlife.

Please act today on these proposed bills:

S 164 and H 424
Appropriately titled the War on Wolves Act. It will allow unlimited hunting, trophy hunting and trapping of wolves in Montana, Wyoming, Michigan and Wisconsin with a rider that does not allow for judicial review if this bill passes. If you have seen what trapping does to a wolf, or any animal for that matter as traps do not discriminate, that alone will motivate you to act. This could literally bring wolves to extinction in those four states.

H.J. Res. 69
This passed the House allowing for some of the most horrific practices ever imagined including killing hibernating bears, wolf puppies within their dens, trapping and aerial shooting. What’s even more appalling is this is now allowed on 16 national wildlife refuges cover 76 million acres in Alaska.

Contact your Senators today and ask them toOPPOSE this resolution.

We are also monitoring Senator Flake’s recent proposal to weaken the Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery plan and remove them from the Endangered Species List (also in jeopardy of being eliminated). With approximately 100 Mexican Gray Wolves in existence in the wild we are committed to doing what we can to advocate on behalf of these wolves. Stay tuned for more.

Want to learn how to advocate more effectively for wolves?

Please see this great article from our friends at Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin.


You can now support our mission with by donating online and a recurring donation is one of the best ways to help us continue to serve wolves everywhere. Take a look at our successful stewardship of your donations thus far

Thank you for joining us in these efforts to support, educate and advocate on behalf of wolves and wolf dogs.

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