The King County, WA, court hearing on the private citizen suit versus WDFW over its wolf-killing was just held this morning. It is a good news/bad news situation. The great news is that the court issued the Preliminary Injunction that had been requested by the petitioners. That means WDFW can't kill any more members of the OPT pack while that lawsuit is pending. The horrible news is that by the time the court hearing started this morning, WDFW had already killed 8 of the 9 OPT pack members, leaving only 1 sole survivor. They had killed 4 of the wolves early this morning, racing to annihilate them before a court could grant them protection. And, WDFW also has pending a kill order to execute the only two members of the Togo pack, and the court order does not protect those wolves. We are updating our alert to include this update and urge folks to continue to call and email WDFW Director Kelly Susewind to oppose the ongoing slaughter of WA's wolves.

Here is the statement issued by the Center for Biological Diversity in response to these developments:

“It’s unbelievably tragic that this wolf family has already been annihilated by the state,” said Sophia Ressler, Washington wildlife advocate and staff attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity. “We’re so thankful the court ruled in the wolves’ favor, even though it comes too late for all but one member of the OPT pack, which the state rushed to destroy before arguments to protect them could be heard. It seems like Washington’s wildlife agency is bent on wiping out the state’s wolves.”

Amaroq Weiss
Senior West Coast Wolf Advocate at Center for Biological Diversity

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