How Just $20 Can Save Lives

The HDW rescue made the local news here in Arizona. At the time there were more than forty animals left looking down the barrel of a gun with only days to go. One man, this man, saw the news and saved them all!

Kelly Reed, founder of Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary and retired firefighter has devoted the last twenty years of his life to rescuing wolfdogs. He was about to retire. Looking after more than fifty animals day in day out is quite a lot to ask from one man.

Can you spare $20?

If everyone on this list gave just $20 to the Crowdrise Campaign for Eagle Tail Mountain Sanctuary, the funding would be complete.

Make a difference for just $20!

What does $20 buy these days?

  • Maybe lunch out?
  • A half a tank of gas?
  • A couple of bottles of wine?

Just $20 could make a huge difference to the future of Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary and setting it up for the next twenty years.

Long story short, you can read more here, the facility needs some rennovation and Kelly needs help. With some repair and improvements as well as getting little 'houses' for volunteers to stay in, it could become a national center for wolfdog rescue. We are already finding potential volunteers to stay on site.

The overhead Google Earth images show the enclosures. It's an oasis in the desert. Each octagonal unit can provide anywhere from 4 to 7 individual enclosures by simply implementing dividing fence. Kelly has also planted over 150 trees providing shade and comfort for the dogs.

Some animals will be permanent residents, but for others we hope it will be a foster center, before they are adopted.

The center will provide continuous facilities for these beautiful creatures who are so often on death row and when discovered have only days or hours on their sentence.

Help raise $30,000 for Eagle Tail Sanctuary

  • $50 will purchase a new automatic waterer to ensure a wolfdog always has fresh water available;
  • $75 provides materials for a shelter for a wolfdog who prefer to spend time outdoors;
  • $125 provides food for 6 wolfdogs for one month;
  • $250 provides for a vital spay or neuter and annual vaccinations for a wolfdog;
  • $400 will purchase 4 badly needed new tires for the trailer that hauls food and materials across the 10 acre property;
  • $500 will buy a portable generator to ensure the property always has power, even in an emergency.

Help us help Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary

Together we can continue to make the impossible possible.

When we save wolves, we save ourselves.

In gratitude – Betsy & Timon

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