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Join Plan B as we celebrate Betsy’s 50th Birthday!

Together we have had an extraordinary two and a half years. What you have helped accomplish is living proof that with effective advocacy, the impossible becomes possible.

Together we are changing the world.

In the last nine months alone, your support has saved more than 220 wolfdogs – 185 of them in one urgent, high-stakes rescue we were told was impossible. Your donations went directly to transport, food, shelter, and medical needs. These wolf dogs are alive because of you.

A new rule banning Wildlife Killing Contests is currently being put into place that will prevent the barbaric slaughter of coyotes, bobcats, foxes and other species in Arizona. Everyone said it was impossible, but once again you made the impossible possible.

Today we launch the Plan B 50/50 campaign.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 for Betsy’s 50th birthday to:

  • help shelter, feed and care for the many sanctuaries who helped with the High Desert Wolfdog rescue,

  • provide ongoing funding and support to to other sanctuaries, where several of the High Desert Wolfdogs are safe,

  • assist Medicine Wheel Lodge in Rimrock with funding to care for their wolfdogs,

  • respond to almost daily requests to help wolves and wolfdogs facing unimaginable atrocities,

  • and continue ongoing efforts to ban killing contests and trapping bounty programs, and reform Wildlife Services.

"I hope you’ll celebrate with me. I don’t want gifts. Instead, I want your help to guarantee the continued growth and sustainability of Plan B so we can continue providing rescue funding and mentoring to wolf-rescue organizations, continue educating owners, animal control, shelter and public on behalf of wolves and wolfdogs across the county, continue to fight in support of wolves, conservation and all endangered species, and create a new wave of advocates who understand that when we save wolves we save ourselves.” – Betsy

When we save wolves, we save ourselves.

In gratitude – Betsy & Timon

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