What a year!

Dear friend and supporter,

As I sit here on Thanksgiving weekend and review the year I have to say that we are truly thankful for our wonderful donors, supporters and volunteers. With your help, we have achieved so much this year, it has been incredible.

Wolfdog Rescue Perhaps the biggest achievement was working with our great friend Susan Weidel in organizing what appeared at times to be an impossible rescue within a very tight deadline. Together with numerous other rescue groups including our dear friends at Apex Protection Project, the rescue of 179 animals from High Desert Wolves, in a time frame of a little over 2 months was achieved. 
Liaising with transporters, veterinarians, food suppliers and sanctuaries while battling with the local Animal Control for more time on a daily basis was almost all consuming for that period. We were told by many to give up. But we didn’t and with the help of many other organizations and of course your support as donors, we rescued every single animal from death by the county. 

Sedona Wolf Week 2018 continued to build on the success of the first official year in 2017. People came from near and far for the events including high profile speaker presentations, wolf socials, films, co-existence panel, school presentations and more. The co-existence panel was particularly well attended by ranchers and biologists from all over the nation, helping to explore and educate non lethal methods for ranching.

We are sincerely grateful for all of you  to be able to fulfill our mission. To pursue our passion and serve wolves, wolf dogs and the organizations and individuals that work daily to save them is a dream come true. Please read on for what we have planned in 2019 to continue our mission.

View our End of Year Newsletter in full here.

Betsy & Timon
Chaos & Theory


  • Plan B received nonprofit status in December 2016. In less than two years we have disbursed $250,000 to rescues and organizations. Funds allocated to rescue impacted 281 wolf dogs.
  • For the HDW rescue, the average cost per dog saved was $446. This included food, medical, fencing, transport, vaccinations, and altering.
  • Plan B funds transport costs and sometimes more to help a rescue effort for a specific wolf dog. The average transport cost can run between $850-2,000 depending upon the destination.
  • Education and awareness is key to the success of our mission, films in particular are a great way to educate the general public. Sponsorships of films and festivals range from $500-2,000.
  • The Call of the Wild Mural is a traveling art installation advocating on behalf of wolves, wildlife and the ESA. As the mural grows and travels, the expenses will also increase. A sponsorship of a Call of the Wild wolf silhouette would cover the costs of production and transport. The sponsorship cost per wolf is $1,000.
  • Sedona Wolf Week 2019 offers many opportunities for people to learn about wolves and wolfdogs. The purchase of a VIP ticket allows us to bring in speakers from all over the country, offer free events, provide food and transportation for the Apex Ambassador Pack and more. 


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