179 Lives Saved

Despite the odds and opposition, 179 lives were saved. #NeverGiveUp

HDW Rescue Update – Over the Biggest Hurdle

The entire HDW Rescue team is happy to report that all the wolfdogs and puppies have been saved, and none were euthanized by Lassen County.

This enormous effort was a success despite a series of significant obstacles including HDW’s remote location, capacity and resources available in that area, no assistance from larger organizations, the high costs associated with a rescue of this level, and the logistical details and planning in getting all of the dogs health checked and vaccinated before they could be transported.

Here are some stats from the rescue:

• Dozens and dozens of rescue groups and individuals across the country believed in this rescue and were integral to its success.

• The total lives saved is 179 as several litters were born after several pregnant mothers had left the property.

• Approximately $80,000 has been spent to date to alter, vaccinate, feed, transport and in some cases provide fencing, ongoing medical care and more for all 179 dogs which equates to about $446 per life saved.

• Over 20,000 miles were logged in by various transports across the country, rescue groups, and individuals who traveled from all over the USA to Ravendale to help with the rescue.

The rescue is a success but not yet over.

1. There are 19 altered dogs left at HDW. The dogs that are left include several very senior bonded pairs and some service dogs. There are only a few that are truly adoptable. We are continuing to work with HDW on their care as well as food donations. HDW is also tearing down all the empty kennels. Plan B is in constant communication with HDW to provide ongoing assistance where needed and to ensure compliance.

2. There are two females at HDW that will be transported to be reunited with their packs in the coming weeks. Funding for those transports, estimated at $850-$2000, is needed. If you would like to reunite a family please donate at www.planb.foundation

3. Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary took in 42 adults. Apex Protection Project just delivered two pallets of donated food, and we are working with them on finishing up the spay and neuter surgeries.

4. Pets Return Home took in the bulk of the puppies, and they all need homes so please contact them via their website for an application. Apex Protection Project also delivered them a pallet of food this week.

5. Omen Creek Sanctuary in Ohio is fundraising to continue to build their sanctuary as well as alter the ones they rescued. Donations for their ongoing needs are greatly appreciated.

6. Maples Huskies in Tennessee is doing wonderfully with their 11 and would appreciate any donations for their ongoing care. We have one more to transport to them to reunite her with her family. You can help by donating here.

Donations for the ongoing efforts for HDW can be sent to Plan B or the organizations directly.

The rescue team fully understands there remains doubt within the rescue world and beyond that HDW, now “saved”, will just revert to breeding again. Plan B and HDW have a signed contract entered into the legal record in Lassen County that this will not happen again, as well as some other parameters, to ensure ongoing success. For those who feel this was a “waste of time”, our only comment is 179 lives were saved and regardless of the future, they have a new lease on life. We could not, would not walk away and are very happy we didn’t.

In gratitude –

HDW Rescue Team

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