Approximately a week ago we were told by many to give up. That if we only saved some of the dogs out of the 136 we should consider that a success.

Timon, myself and a few others did not consider that a success.

So we went to work, and so much has been accomplished with the High Desert Dream Team comprising of 17 members selected specifically for their expertise and experience. 

Our latest update:

It has been a grueling, emotional rollercoaster of a week but significant progress has been made.

AS YOU KNOW WE HAD UNTIL 10/5 after our extension was denied by the County. Since then (last Tuesday):
1. 83 adults and 26 puppies have been SAVED. Transport of them to their new homes is in progress.
2. All dogs will be vaccinated this week.
3. 25 alteration appointments over the next two weeks are in the works.
4. We continued to communicate with Lassen County on an extension and ...

I will fly to appear before the Judge on 10/5 to address any specific questions as they review the recommendation from the Board of Supervisors. The Judge MUST approve the 30-day extension but with the blessing of the Board, we are confident this will happen.


So here is what is left in addition to the ongoing coordination of the items above:

1. Ongoing care for all puppies until they are of age to be adopted. Critical: More funding needed for this!
2. 27 more adult dogs to be placed - all are special needs so only very serious inquiries, please.
3. More food is needed. As we continue to move dogs off the property they still need to be fed while at HDW.
4. Alterations on all dogs as we promised we would.
5. More transport.
6. All follow up and ongoing care for dogs placed temporarily in foster and more. 

We still need more donations and your support to make this happen. 

Please continue to support us through donations and sharing our cause.

In gratitude - 

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